LaxFilmStudy Playbooks

We have worked tirelessly to categorize, organize, and aggregate video of the greatest lacrosse players & units to dominate their position. These playbook encyclopedias are arranged to inspire positional education for a visual learning generation. Provide these clips to aspiring lacrosse players, coaches, and lacrosse advocates to showcase the unique & indescribable traits that make great lacrosse players at every position on the field.

Offensive Video Playbook

Study the greatest players, masterminds, and wizards on the offensive end of the field. Our Playbook includes Offensive X&Os, Offensive Skills, IQ, and much more. Become a great offensive player, coach, and break-down this ultimate collection of Offensive Mastery.

Defensive Video Playbook

Bringing together the Game’s Greatest Defenders, Defensive IQ, TEAM DEFENSE, and Tactics from Lacrosse History! The Defensive Playbook is your Vault to Develop, Educate, and Showcase All-Time Techniques, Strategies, Defensive Components and Much More! 

Goalie Video Playbook

We believe that a major component to becoming a great lacrosse goaltender is to utilize film to create a visual of what it requires to be successful in the crease. We have compiled hours of video from the greatest goalies to play our position. Film Study can create habits and directly impact our ability to perform.

Team Tactics & IQ Playbook

Lacrosse is the ultimate team game. Our sport blends the aspects of many of the world’s greatest sports: hockey, football, soccer, basketball, and much more! We have catalogued the game’s most integral components to playing great team lacrosse. Enjoy and we hope it helps you and your team become their best.

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Lax Film Study

We believe players can accelerate their progression by studying the best to every play at their position. Gain full acess to every lacrosse positional skill-set, tactical ideology, and much more with our Full subscription options.