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LaxFilmStudy Library SECTIONS

  1. TOP 16 LaxFilmStudy Playlists TO WATCH: A great way to get started and acquainted with the Essence of the LFS Library.
  2. FULL LaxFilmStudy Library: Each Lacrosse Skill, Classification, & IQ Components Generated from EVERY Game clipped throughout our Lacrosse Film Study Project. Our most comprehensive section & complete with ALL Video Clips. A great way to dive into specific details of the game to enhance Lacrosse IQ.
  3. *NEW* LaxFilmStudy PLAYBOOKS: The Offense, Defense, and Goalie Playbooks are an even deeper dive into the 6v6 & Goaltending components of the lacrosse field. These Playbooks are updated with new playlists constantly.
    1. LaxFilmStudy Offensive Playbook
    2. LaxFilmStudy Defensive Playbook
    3. LaxFilmStudy Goalie Film Platform
    4. Elite Lacrosse Player Film Study
    5. Elite Team Skills & Tactics
  4. FULL GAME VIDEOS. Watch Raw Video of the Game’s Greatest Matchups. Sit back, relax, and watch the game unfold.
  5. Behind The Bucket’ Video Series: Tune in to the Greatest Lacrosse Players and Coaches Break Down Film in the LaxFilmStudy Library.
  6. *NEW: LaxGoalieNetwork Goalie Highlight Zone!: We’ve worked to break down the Goalie Position into it’s components. From Communication to Outside Shots, Find a Video Bank that’s Great for Goalies!

TOP 15 LaxFilmStudy Playlists TO WATCH

  1. ELITE Attack Skill
  2. Defense, Defensive IQ
  3. Defense, Skills and Stickwork
  4. Defense, All-Time Elite Defender Highlights
  5. ELITE Goalie Play, Volume I
  7. Highlight Reel Plays (Lax IQ)
  8. Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play
  9. Offense, Elite Offensive Team Play & IQ
  10. Team Skill, Passing & Stickwork
  11. Offense X&Os, Full Offensive Playbook
  12. Lacrosse IQ, SKILL
  13. Offense X&Os: Extra Man Offense (EMO) Plays
  14. Offensive Skill, Off-Ball Play
  15. Defense: Stick Checks!
  16. Elite Team Lacrosse!



Athleticism in Lacrosse: Incredible Displays of Athleticism on the Lacrosse Field.

ELITE Attack Skill, Volume 1: Over 500+ Video clips of the Greatest Attackman our Sport has ever seen.

Elite Attack Skill, Volume II: The greatest attackman in lacrosse history. This playlist also includes more shooters, finishers, & off-ball skill.

Elite Attack Skill, Volume III: MORE Attack Skill to Study!

Team: Clearing IQ: Progress the ball from D to O with our Clearing Clips. This playlist has Clearing Formations, Clearing IQ, Passing/Stickwork, and the Looks to Get the Ball over the Midfield Line!

Coaching IQ: Video Clips of the Greatest Coaches in the Game’s History. Interviews, Inside the Huddle, Sideline Mannerisms, and more!

Creativity: One of the most important aspects of lacrosse. Witness the creativity and fun that makes players and programs great!

Defense, Collapsing Team Defense: The best defenses know when to collapse on an offensive threat. Showcase of great team defense.

Defense, Contesting Shots: Offenses will create shots, but defenses always can battle to limit the follow-through, block shots, force shooters to miss the cage, or take velocity off the shot.

Defense, Controlling Rebounds: A critical component of team defense is our ability to clean up rebounds, and get GBs around the crease.

Defense, Defensive IQ: FULL showcase of Defensive IQ. This playlist includes Sliding, Off-Ball Play, Anticipation of Offense, Covering the ball. This is our most comprehensive Defensive Playlist.

Defense, 2-Way (Defensive) Midfield Play: Defensive Midfielders are the heart of the defense. Elite video from history’s top D Midfielders.

Defense, Double Team & Pressure: Double Team Defense.

Defense, Free Double Teams: Great to study the opportunities on defense to take advantage of offensive spacing to deliver double teams without much risk to the overall Team Defense.

Defense, Stickwork Getting away from Pressure & Hot Pizza Technique: ‘Hot Pizza’ or ‘Walking the Dog’ is a great way for Defensive players to run at full speed, protect their stick with their body, and get themselves away from riding pressure.

Defense, Man-Down Defense: A great tool for teaching your Man-Down Unit. Watch elite Penalty Kills & Study how to Defend Extra man Offense.

Defense, Defending On-Ball with our Stick Out (‘Roast’ Technique): The key to fundamental on ball defense is to keep your stick out, and to pressure the hands/elbows of the offensive player.

Defense, Pressure Team Defense (Raptor): Defensive pressure can be applied on certain matchups, areas of the field, and scenarios. Great way to teach LSM’s, Poles, and Team D the perfect time to pressure the ball and it’s adjacent outlets.

Defense, Skills and Stickwork: Defenders need incredible stick-skills to be complete players. Incredible showcase of GB Skills, Passing/Stickwork, Slickness, and more.

Defense: Stick Checks!: Everyone’s favorite playlist! Learn different checks, footwork, body positioning, areas of the field to take the ball off an offensive player.

Defense, Sliding Team Defense: Double-teaming the ball, and sliding from the crease is crucial to defending against an offense with crease presence. Study the timing, angles, technique, and off-ball positioning of great sliding defenses.

Defense, Off-Ball IQ: Stick in Passing Lanes: It’s key to know the passing lanes & looks that an offense tries to exploit. Study the technique of Off-ball defense to getting knockdowns (Nuggets).

Defense, All-Time Elite Defender Highlights: LOADED playlist with the GREATEST Defensemen of All-Time!

Defense, Transition Defense: Formation/structure, hustle, rotation timing, approach technique, KYP – all important aspects of great transition defense!

Defense, Zone Defense: Drop into a Zone to protect the goalie and limit shots from the interior.

Faceoff IQ: 50/50 Possession can turn on it’s head and create an insane advantage for your team. Study the best ever to take the draws and the athleticism of the faceoff wing midfielder! Tons of great Standing Neutral Grip (SNG) for updated rules in NCAA.

Faceoff IQ, Wing Play: Watch the Greatest Athletes line up toe to toe on the Wing & Scrap for the Ball. Exciting plays commence when tough players gain possession for their team and look to attack quick.

Faceoff Offense: The quickest way to score on a re-start of play. Attack the goal from the F/O!

Team: Exciting Finishes!: Watch some of the greatest final moments in lacrosse history. Study the tactics, strategies, and storylines from high-pressure lacrosse.

DRILL IDEAS: Love to visualize training and drill opportunities as they come up in live action!

ELITE Goalie Play, Volume I

Elite Goalie Play pt. II: Big Time Goalies making big time plays in the greatest moments!

Goalie Play pt III: Goalie Play, Volume III. The video keeps rolling to watch the greatest Goalies of all-time.

Ground Balls: We all hear “Ground Balls Win Games.” Watch the Toughest Ground balls, the Biggest Scraps, and the Skills it takes to come up with the Rock for your team.

Ground Balls, Goose/Hockey Skill: The skillset used to play ground balls away from pressure and into green space is extremely valuable. Whether you do it for yourself, or a teammate, Ground balls can be assisted!

Highlight Reel Plays (Lax IQ): The most comprehensive playlist to exhibit high-level lacrosse play, intelligence, anticipation, and the mental advantage that can be gained by playing one step ahead of the rest.

Lacrosse Crowds & Environment: Get a full taste of lacrosse culture and the environments from big games and the Final Four!

ULTIMATE LACROSSE IQ: The most loaded exhibition of lacrosse situations, plays, decisions, and playmaking ability that showcase the mental & high-level lacrosse IQ it takes to be a big time player.

Lacrosse IQ, Exploiting 2v1s: Lacrosse becomes a game of multiple formations of 2v1s. Watch how lacrosse players utilize man advantages in multiple situations to move the ball and attack the defense.

Lacrosse IQ, FUN, AND FUNNY!: Watch great moments in lacrosse that will make us laugh, think about friends, and the cool things that happen during a lacrosse game!

Lacrosse IQ, The Give & Go!: One, if not the greatest simple action in sports. Give it up, cut, and get it back! A simple yet timelessly effective team skill.

Lacrosse IQ, Hustle Plays: Lacrosse is a game built on creating advantages through extra spirit and hustle. Great teams have the ability to win matchups and situations because they want it more!

Lacrosse IQ, Interesting Points: Enlightening and thoughtful remarks from analysts, announcers, and leaders of the sport of lacrosse!

Lacrosse IQ, ELITE LACROSSE SKILL: Incredible players have an uncanny ability to develop high-level lacrosse skills that they can use in pressure situations to coem up big for their teams.

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play: The greatest midfielder highlights of all-time. Showcasing the greatest plays required by a midfielder. Offense, defense, groundballs, passing, shooting, dodging and much more!

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play: Volume II

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play: Volume III


Offensive Skill, Dodging: FULL Dodging Study. Over 400 Creative moves that illustrate the beauty and speed of the offensive player.

Offense Dodging: Dodging at X

Offense Dodging: Face-Dodge

Offense Dodging: Hard Move & GO

Offense Dodging: Hesitation Moves

Offense Dodging: Hitch Moves

Offense Dodging: Inside Roll

Offense Dodging: Island Moves

Offense Dodging: Finalizer

Offense Dodging: Re-Dodging

Offense Dodging: Roll-Dodge

Offense Dodging: Underneath Moves

Offense Dodging: Wing Dodges


Offense X&Os, Full Offensive Playbook: The secret to unlock your offense. Watch and diagram the best offenses & tactics to create scoring opportunities for your offense!

Offense X&Os, 1-4-1 Offense

Offense X&Os: 2-2-2 Offense

Offense X&Os, 2-2-2 B/L Offense

Offense X&Os, Endline Plays

Offense X&Os, Invert Offense

Offense X&Os, Creative Plays

Offense X&Os, Zone Offense

Offense: Early Offense/Transition

Offensive Skill: Deception

Offense, Shooting: No Angle Shooting

Offensive Skill, Dodging: FULL Dodging Study. Over 400 Creative moves that illustrate the beauty and speed of the offensive player.

Offense, Elite Offensive Team Play & IQ: The greatest exhibition of team offense. Passing, stickwork, ball movement, Offensive IQ through the roof!

Offense X&Os: Extra Man Offense (EMO) Plays: Extra-Man Play Vault. You can create a full EMO Playbook just watching through these clips. Grab a notebook and pencil & start drawing em up!

Offensive Skill, Finishing & Scoring: The greatest players put the ball in the back of the net! Study the skills, fakes/deception, toughness required to score the ball consistency when you create scoring opportunities.

Offense, Finishing Dip & Dunk: Fake low, finish high. Great to use around the crease & coming around the pipes. Dip & dunk can open up the near-side or upper portion of the goal to score.

Team Offense, Moving Ball Through X

Offensive Skill, Off-Ball Play: Score easy goals with the IQ that can create scoring opportunities for you and your teammates. Learn and understand the timing, spacing, IQ, and Skill that it takes to be a Great Off-Ball Player!

Offense, Setting Screens: One, if not the most underappreciated offensive skill is a player’s ability to set screen’s to take away the Goalie’s Vision of a Shot. Take’s guts! Shoot low & Jump!

Offensive Skill, Vision: One of the greatest assets to a lacrosse player is their ability to see the field, make the right decisions, and anticipate the defense to create scoring opportunities.



Offensive Skill, Finishing & Scoring: The greatest players put the ball in the back of the net! Study the skills, fakes/deception, toughness required to score the ball consistency when you create scoring opportunities.

Offense, Finishing Dip & Dunk: Fake low, finish high. Great to use around the crease & coming around the pipes. Dip & dunk can open up the near-side or upper portion of the goal to score.

Offense, Shooting: Accuracy

Offense, Shooting: Alley Shooting

Offense, Shooting: Behind the Back

Offense, Shooting: Bounce Shots

Offense, Shooting: Deceptive Shooting

Offense, Shooting: High to High Shots

Offense, Shooting: Low to High Shots

Offense, Shooting: Near-Side Shots

Offense, Shooting: Overhand Shots

Offense, Shooting: Side-Pipe Accuracy

Offense, Shooting: Step-Down Shots

Offense, Shooting: Up the Hash Shots


Elite Team Lacrosse!: The best teams play together! Watch elite programs execute what is required to play the game as a collective unit!

Team Skill, Passing & Stickwork: Lacrosse is a passing/stickwork game. ‘Trying to play lacrosse without stickwork is like trying to play hockey without being able to skate.’ -John Zulberti

Team Skill, Riding: Riding is a full team effort! Get the ball back to your offense and create new scoring opportunities.

Team Skill, Toughness: Lacrosse is all about toughness! Hits & hustle dominate this playlist.

Team Skill, Diving Out Shots: Showcase the effort and desire to win out a shot on the endline/sideline. Send it!

Team Skill, Transition Offense: Push the pace and play fast! The sport of lacrosse was meant to be played in transition! Attack!

Team: Statistics: Interesting statistics from the great teams and programs.

Team: ‘Win The Close Game’ Scenarios: High pressure close games can be won with great tactics, strategy, and confident players!


Yale v Loyola, 2018 Quarterfinals

Albany v Notre Dame, 2015

Team USA v Team Canada, 2014

Team Canada v Team Iroquois, 2014

Maryland v Loyola, 2012 Finals

UVA v Denver, 2011 Semi-Finals

Duke v Notre Dame, 2010 Finals

Syracuse v Cornell, 2009 Finals

USA v Canada U19s, 2008

Duke v Johns Hopkins, 2007 National Championship

Cornell v Duke, 2007 Semifinals

UVA v UMass, 2006 Finals

UVA v Syracuse, 2006 Semi-Finals

Maryland v UMass, 2006 Semi-Finals

UMass v Hofstra, 2006 Quarterfinals

UMass v Cornell, 2006 1st Round

UAlbany v JHU, 2006 Regular Season

UMBC v JHU, 2006 Regular Season

UVA v JHU, 2005 Semis

Syracuse v Navy, 2004 Final

Navy v Princeton, 2004 Semifinals

Georgetown v Syracuse, 2004 Quarterfinals

Navy v Cornell, 2004 Quarterfinals

Maryland v JHU, 100th Meeting, 2004

Syracuse v UMass, 2004

Virginia v JHU, 2003 National Championship

Syracuse v Cornell, 2003

Syracuse v Georgetown, 2003

Maryland v JHU, 2003

Maryland v UVA, Regular Season 2003

Maryland v Duke, Regular Season 2003

Princeton v Syracuse, 2002 Final Four

Maryland v JHU, 2002 Regular Season

JHU v Princeton, 2002:

Syracuse v Princeton, 2000

Maryland v Syracuse, 1999 Semifinals

UVA v Syracuse (EPIC) 1997

Princeton v Syracuse, 1997

Syracuse v Brown, 1997

Syracuse v Princeton, 1996

Virginia v North Carolina, 1996

Virginia v Harvard, 1996 Quarterfinals

UVA v Syracuse, 1995

Maryland v UNC, 1995

Maryland v JHU, 1995

Johns Hopkins v Syracuse, 1995

Syracuse v Princeton, 1995

Maryland v Syracuse, 1995

UVA v UNC, 1994 ACC Finals

USA v Australia, Gold Medal, 1994

Princeton v Syracuse, National Championship, 1992

Princeton v UNC, 1992

Syracuse v North Carolina, 1990

UNC v Hopkins, Semis 1989

JHU v Syracuse, FINALS 1989 (GREATEST)

Cornell v Syracuse, 1988 Championship

Syracuse v Penn, 1988 Semi-Finals

Syracuse v Cornell, 1987

Virginia v UNC, 1986

JHU v UNC, 1982 National Championship:

JHU v Virginia, 1980 National Championship

The Greatest Players!

#44 Andy Towers, Brown

The Looney Brothers, Navy

#14 Matt Ward, UVA

Mikey Powell v Navy (2004)

#10 Eamon McEneaney, Cornell

#22 Matt Panetta, JHU

#21 Frank Urso, Maryland

#30 Matt Streibel, Princeton

#20 Sean Hartofolis, Princeton

#15 Rob Kavovit, Syracuse

#26 Dom Finn, Syracuse

#4 Mike Watson, Virginia

#14 Conor Gill, Virginia

#14 Matt Ward, Virginia

#10 Jay Jalbert, Virginia

#1 Ian Dingman, Navy

#34 Joe Breschi, UNC

#18 John Glatzel, Syracuse

Doc Dougherty, Maryland (1995)

Dom Starsia, UVA

Dwan & Voelker, JHU

Frank Urso, Maryland

Paul Gait Highlights, 1989 Nat’l Championship

Scott Bacigulopo, Princeton 1992

Gary Gait Highlights, 1989 Nat’l Championship

Paul Gait Highlights, 1989 Nat’l Championship

#32 Jon Reese, Yale


Watch Play by Play, Clip by Clip throughout Each Full Game Series. This viewing experience will allow you to see the Skills, Tactics, and Game Situations that occur through the Viewing Experience.

1987, Cornell v Syracuse: ALL VIDEOS

1989, JHU v UNC, Semi-Finals: ALL VIDEOS


1992, UNC v Princeton Semi-Finals: ALL VIDEOS

1995, Maryland v Syracuse Finals: ALL VIDEOS

1996, Virginia v UNC ACC Championship: ALL VIDEOS

2000, Princeton v UVA Semi-Finals: ALL VIDEOS:

2002, UVA v Syracuse, Final Four: ALL VIDEOS

2003, Georgetown v Syracuse (Regular Season): ALL VIDEOS

2004, Georgetown v Syracuse Quarterfinals: ALL VIDEOS

2004, Syracuse v JHU final Four: All VIDEOS

2004, Navy v Syracuse FINAL: ALL VIDEOS

2005, Virginia v Johns Hopkins Semifinals: ALL VIDEOS

‘Behind The Bucket’ Series & Premium Content

Episode I: Casey Powell Video Breakdown

Episode II: Offensive IQ & Skills

Lacrosse Film Study: Film Study TIPS

This is a hand-out we provided to our student-athletes before the NCAA Tournament and into the Summer (PLL). Here are guidelines you can share with players as it relates to developing your IQ with Film Study.

1)      Watch & study with intent to develop your IQ.

2)      Watch your Position and note:

                      i.      Skills you have that these players utilize

                      ii.      Skills you want to develop

3)      Watch your Unit (Offense, Defense, Faceoff, Wing Play, PK, EMO, etc.)

                      i.      Time Stamp Plays that you find interesting, high-quality, motivating.

              ii.      Illustrate & explain why!

4)      Watch the Opposing Unit (Offense watch the Defense)

    Evaluate their Game Plans and Scouting

a.       Examples:

                   i.    What strategies are they utilizing to Defend the Invert? How would I attack it?

                   ii.  What strategies are they utilizing to Attack the Zone Defense? 

       iii. How would I attack this situation if I was in *Grant Ament’s Shoes

                  Iv.  How would I have positioned myself in the cage if I saw that shot from Jeff Teat?

5)      Study End of Quarter, Half, and Game Situations

              i.      Analyze the Strategy of the WTCG Situation

1.       How much time is left?

2.       What is the score?

3.       What was the strategy?

6)      Think purposely on how you can now work to create these skills on your own. On the field, on the wall, in the weight room, in your mind.

                   i.      Drills

                   ii.      Exercises

                   iii.      Pattern Recognition

                   iv.      Memory

Watching Video is Great Mental Training for Athletes

Watching videos of yourself and the best athletes in the world in your sport is a powerful tool for strengthening important mental muscles such as confidence, intensity, and focus. It can also be used, when combined with mental imagery, to improve technique and tactics. Another benefit is that watching yourself and top athletes in your sport playing well just gets you plain fired up which will help inspire and motivate in all aspects of your sports efforts.

If you’re like most athletes, you watch a lot of video as part of your regular training regimen, particularly during your competitive season. Video enables you to more clearly understand and see what you need to work on and you can learn a great deal by seeing great performances in your sport demonstrated by your favorite Olympians or professionals. Video is also a form of mental imagery that can help you generate the image and feeling of performing your best.

The use of video tends to decline during the off-season when athletes are focused on other activities they are engaged in. But its use should actually increase for the very same reason. Why? Because you may not be actually playing your sports as much or at all which means you can lose the feeling of playing your best. Video can keep you mentally sharp and allow you to develop your sports skills when you’re not training every day.

But just watching video isn’t going to maximize its benefits during the off-season. Instead, you need to use video in specific ways to help you gain the most benefits.

Common Mistakes

If you’re like most athletes, you are probably not watching video in the most effective way. For example, there is a tendency among athletes and coaches alike to focus on mistakes. This emphasis seems to make sense because if you watch your mistakes, you can learn from and correct them. But watching only mistakes ingrains a negative image and feeling into your mind and body much like physically practicing bad technique or tactics will instill bad performances into your mind and muscles.

You may also focus too much on the details of the video, for example, body position or movement. Video is used mostly for analysis, so it’s easy to obsess about every little detail. Though there is a place for analyzing the minutiae of your performances, too much will cause you to lose sight of what is really important, namely, the image and feeling of great play.

Watching videos of the best in your sport is fun and motivating. I’m sure you have your favorites and you like to watch and fantasize about playing like them one day. But watching too much of them and not enough of yourself may cause you to imagine yourself playing like one of them rather than the way you play. That sounds good in theory, but the reality is that you can’t play like the top guys and gals (at least not yet!).

You may also watch athletes in your sport that you have no chance of emulating because they are so physically different from you. For example, if you’re tall and thin, you shouldn’t imagine yourself performing like someone short and muscular.

Rules of Video Watching

When you watch video follow these rules:

  • Instead of “thinking” about the videos (i.e., analyzing, critiquing, evaluating), just open your focus and allow yourself to experience the “gestalt” of videos, that is, the over-all images of good performances, and the images and feelings they trigger in you. Allow the images of the videos flow through your mind, without excessive thought, and into your body where they most need to be.
  • Though you can learn about what you need to work on by watching your mistakes, I recommend watching at least 75% “highlight” videos of yourself playing well. Seeing and feeling your best performances allows your mind and body to absorb positive images and feelings.
  • To maximize the benefits of watching footage of the top athletes in your sport, identify athletes who are physically and technically similar to you so you can more easily incorporate their technique into your style.
  • Always imagine yourself playing like you. Rather than imagining yourself performing like your favorite pro or Olympian, take what they do so well technically and tactically and incorporate those into your own performances.

Video as Mental Imagery

I’m a huge believer in the power of mental imagery. And video, though not often thought of this way, is a powerful type of mental imagery. You can incorporate mental imagery into your use of video by including it in your video sessions. Here’s how:

  • Watch a performance of yourself on video identifying what you did well and where you need to improve.
  • Immediately close your eyes and see and feel yourself performing just the way you want. Ingrain the positive images and feelings from the video into your imagery.
  • If you made mistakes in your video performance, “rewind and edit” the video in your mind’s eye by redoing the videoed performance and making the necessary corrections in your imagery..