The LaxFilmStudy Offensive Playbook

One Location for Lacrosse X&Os from the Greatest Coaches, Players, and Scoring Offenses in Lacrosse History.

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Offense X&Os, The Full Offensive Playbook

Offense X&Os, The Full Offensive Playbook

Offense X&Os, 1-4-1 Offense

Offense X&Os: 2-2-2 Offense

Offense X&Os, 2-2-2 B/L Offense

Offense X&Os, Endline Plays

Offense X&Os, Invert Offense

Offense X&Os, Creative Plays

Offense X&Os, Zone Offense

Offense: Early Offense/Transition

Offense, Elite Offensive Team Play & IQ

Offense X&Os: Extra Man Offense (EMO) Plays


ELITE Attack Skill, Volume 1

Elite Attack Skill, Volume II

Elite Attack Skill, Volume III

Attack Dodging at The Island (5×5)

Offensive Skill, Finishing & Scoring

Team Offense, Moving Ball Through X


Lacrosse IQ, Exploiting 2v1s

Lacrosse IQ, FUN, AND FUNNY!

Highlight Reel Plays (Lax IQ)

Lacrosse IQ, Hustle Plays

Interesting Lacrosse IQ Points & Analysis

Lacrosse IQ, Elite Level Lacrosse SKILL!

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play: Volume II

Midfield, Elite Midfielder Play: Volume III

Offensive Skill, Off-Ball Play

Team Skill, Passing & Stickwork

Offense, Setting Screens

Offensive Skill, Shooting

Offensive Skill, Vision

Team Skill, Riding

Team Skill, Toughness

Team Skill, Diving Out Shots

Team Skill, Stick Protection

Team Skill, Transition Offense

Team & Important Statistics

‘Win The Close Game’ Scenarios


Offense Dodging: Dodging at X

Offense Dodging: Face-Dodge

Offense Dodging: Hard Move & GO

Offense Dodging: Hesitation Moves

Offense Dodging: Hitch Moves

Offense Dodging: Inside Roll

Offense Dodging: Island Moves

Offense Dodging: Finalizer

Offense Dodging: Re-Dodging

Offense Dodging: Roll-Dodge

Offense Dodging: Underneath Moves

Offense Dodging: Wing Dodges


Offensive Skill, Elite Shooting Skill

Offense, Shooting: Accuracy

Offense, Shooting: Alley Shooting

Offense, Shooting: Behind the Back

Offense, Shooting: Bounce Shots

Offense, Shooting: Deceptive Shooting

Offense, Shooting: High to High Shots

Offense, Shooting: Low to High Shots

Offense, Shooting: Near-Side Shots

Offense, Shooting: Overhand Shots

Offense, Shooting: Side-Pipe Accuracy

Offense, Shooting: Step-Down Shots

Offense, Shooting: Up the Hash Shots


#44 Andy Towers, Brown

#10 Eamon McEneaney, Cornell

#22 Matt Panetta, JHU

#21 Frank Urso, Maryland

#30 Matt Streibel, Princeton

#20 Sean Hartofolis, Princeton

#15 Rob Kavovit, Syracuse

#26 Dom Finn, Syracuse

#4 Mike Watson, Virginia

Matt Ward, University of Virginia

Mikey Powell v Navy (2004)

#14 Conor Gill, Virginia

Casey Powell, Syracuse

#14 Matt Ward, Virginia

#10 Jay Jalbert, Virginia

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