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The greatest matchups and moments in lacrosse history. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the greatest games that our sport has witnessed.

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Penn State v JHU, 2019 Big Ten Championship

Yale v Loyola, 2018 Quarterfinals

Albany v Notre Dame, 2015

Team USA v Team Canada, 2014

Team Canada v Team Iroquois, 2014

Maryland v Loyola, 2012 Finals

UVA v Denver, 2011 Semi-Finals

UVA v Bucknell, 2011 1st Round

UVA v UNC, 2011 Regular Season

Duke v Notre Dame, 2010 Finals

UVA v Stonybrook, 2010 Quarterfinals

Syracuse v Cornell, 2009 Finals

USA v Canada U19s, 2008

Duke v Johns Hopkins, 2007 National Championship

Cornell v Duke, 2007 Semifinals

JHU v Delaware, 2007 Semifinals

UVA v UMass, 2006 Finals

UVA v Syracuse, 2006 Semi-Finals

Maryland v UMass, 2006 Semi-Finals

UMass v Hofstra, 2006 Quarterfinals

UMass v Cornell, 2006 1st Round

UAlbany v JHU, 2006 Regular Season

UVA v Princeton, 2006 Regular Season (2nd Half)

UMBC v JHU, 2006 Regular Season

UVA v JHU, 2005 Semis

Syracuse v Navy, 2004 Final

Navy v Princeton, 2004 Semifinals

Georgetown v Syracuse, 2004 Quarterfinals

Navy v Cornell, 2004 Quarterfinals

Maryland v JHU, 100th Meeting, 2004

Syracuse v UMass, 2004

Virginia v JHU, 2003 National Championship

Syracuse v Cornell, 2003

Syracuse v Georgetown, 2003

Maryland v JHU, 2003

Maryland v UVA, 2003 Regular Season

Maryland v Duke, 2003 Regular Season

Princeton v Syracuse, 2002 Final Four

Maryland v JHU, 2002 Regular Season

JHU v Princeton, 2002

Princeton v Towson, 2001 Final Four

Syracuse v Princeton, 2000

Virginia v Johns Hopkins, 1999 Final Four

Maryland v Syracuse, 1999 Final Four

Princeton v Syracuse, 1998 Semifinals

USA v Canada FINAL, 1998

Princeton v UMass, 1997 Quarterfinals

UVA v Syracuse (EPIC) 1997

Princeton v Syracuse, 1997

Syracuse v Brown, 1997

Syracuse v Princeton, 1996

North Carolina v Syracuse, 1996 Quarterfinals

Virginia v North Carolina, 1996

Virginia v Harvard, 1996 Quarterfinals

Duke v Syracuse, 1995

UVA v Syracuse, 1995

Maryland v UNC, 1995

Maryland v JHU, 1995

Johns Hopkins v Syracuse, 1995

Syracuse v Princeton, 1995

Maryland v Syracuse, 1995

UVA v UNC, 1994 ACC Finals

Syracuse v UNC, 1994

USA v Australia, Gold Medal, 1994

Princeton v Syracuse, 1993 Final Four

Princeton v Syracuse, National Championship, 1992

Princeton v UNC, 1992

Syracuse v North Carolina, 1990

UNC v Hopkins, Semis 1989

JHU v Syracuse, FINALS 1989 (GREATEST)

Cornell v Syracuse, 1988 Championship

Syracuse v Penn, 1988 Semi-Finals

Virginia v Cornell, 1988 Semi-Finals

Syracuse v North Carolina, 1988

Syracuse v Cornell, 1987, Semifinals

Virginia v UNC, National Championship 1986

JHU v UNC, 1982 National Championship

JHU v Virginia, 1980 National Championship

Lax Film Study - Lacrosse Video Library