Team Concepts, Skills, and Tactics

Lacrosse is the ultimate team game. Our sport blends the aspects of many of the world’s greatest sports: hockey, football, soccer, basketball, and much more! We have catalogued the game’s most integral components to playing great team lacrosse. Enjoy and we hope it helps you and your team become their best.

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Team: Athleticism in Lacrosse: Incredible Displays of Athleticism on the Lacrosse Field.

Team: Clearing IQ: Progress the ball from D to O with our Clearing Clips. This playlist has Clearing Formations, Clearing IQ, Passing/Stickwork, and the Looks to Get the Ball over the Midfield Line!

Team: Coaching IQ: Video Clips of the Greatest Coaches in the Game’s History. Interviews, Inside the Huddle, Sideline Mannerisms, and more!

Team: Defense, Skills and Stickwork: Defenders need incredible stick-skills to be complete players. Incredible showcase of GB Skills, Passing/Stickwork, Slickness, and more.

Team: Defense, Sliding Team Defense: Double-teaming the ball, and sliding from the crease is crucial to defending against an offense with crease presence. Study the timing, angles, technique, and off-ball positioning of great sliding defenses.

Team: Defense, Transition Defense: Formation/structure, hustle, rotation timing, approach technique, KYP – all important aspects of great transition defense!

Team: Faceoff IQ: 50/50 Possession can turn on it’s head and create an insane advantage for your team. Study the best ever to take the draws and the athleticism of the faceoff wing midfielder! Tons of great Standing Neutral Grip (SNG) for updated rules in NCAA.

Team: Faceoff IQ, Wing Play: Watch the Greatest Athletes line up toe to toe on the Wing & Scrap for the Ball. Exciting plays commence when tough players gain possession for their team and look to attack quick.

Team: Faceoff Offense: The quickest way to score on a re-start of play. Attack the goal from the F/O!

Team: Exciting Finishes!: Watch some of the greatest final moments in lacrosse history. Study the tactics, strategies, and storylines from high-pressure lacrosse.

Team: Ground Balls: We all hear “Ground Balls Win Games.” Watch the Toughest Ground balls, the Biggest Scraps, and the Skills it takes to come up with the Rock for your team.

Team: Ground Balls, Goose/Hockey Skill: The skillset used to play ground balls away from pressure and into green space is extremely valuable. Whether you do it for yourself, or a teammate, Ground balls can be assisted!

Team: Highlight Reel Plays (Lax IQ): The most comprehensive playlist to exhibit high-level lacrosse play, intelligence, anticipation, and the mental advantage that can be gained by playing one step ahead of the rest.

ULTIMATE LACROSSE IQ: The most loaded exhibition of lacrosse situations, plays, decisions, and playmaking ability that showcase the mental & high-level lacrosse IQ it takes to be a big time player.

Team: Lacrosse IQ, FUN, AND FUNNY!: Watch great moments in lacrosse that will make us laugh, think about friends, and the cool things that happen during a lacrosse game!

Team: Lacrosse IQ, The Give & Go!: One, if not the greatest simple action in sports. Give it up, cut, and get it back! A simple yet timelessly effective team skill.

Team: Lacrosse IQ, Hustle Plays: Lacrosse is a game built on creating advantages through extra spirit and hustle. Great teams have the ability to win matchups and situations because they want it more!

Team: Lacrosse IQ, Interesting Points: Enlightening and thoughtful remarks from analysts, announcers, and leaders of the sport of lacrosse!

Team: Lacrosse IQ, ELITE LACROSSE SKILL: Incredible players have an uncanny ability to develop high-level lacrosse skills that they can use in pressure situations to coem up big for their teams.

Elite Team Lacrosse!: The best teams play together! Watch elite programs execute what is required to play the game as a collective unit!

Team: Passing & Stickwork: Lacrosse is a passing/stickwork game. ‘Trying to play lacrosse without stickwork is like trying to play hockey without being able to skate.’ -John Zulberti

Team: Riding: Riding is a full team effort! Get the ball back to your offense and create new scoring opportunities.

Team: Toughness: Lacrosse is all about toughness! Hits & hustle dominate this playlist.

Team: Diving Out Shots: Showcase the effort and desire to win out a shot on the endline/sideline. Send it!

Team: Transition Offense: Push the pace and play fast! The sport of lacrosse was meant to be played in transition! Attack!

Team: Statistics: Interesting statistics from the great teams and programs.

Team: ‘Win The Close Game’ Scenarios: High pressure close games can be won with great tactics, strategy, and confident players!