Offensive Dodging


We have compiled a vast array of video that can aid player and coach development for isolation and dodging technique on the lacrosse field. The playlists below capture the techniques, lacrosse IQ, and abilities of the greatest dodgers in the sport’s history.

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Offense, Dodging: ? Mark Dodge

Offense, Dodging: Deceptive Moves

Offense Dodging: Dodging at X

Offense Dodging: Face-Dodge

Offense, Dodging: Finalizer Moves

Offense, Dodging: FOOTWORK

Offense Dodging: Hard Move & GO

Offense Dodging: Hesitation Moves

Offense Dodging: Hitch Moves

Offense Dodging: Inside Roll

Offense Dodging: Island Moves

Offense, Dodging: Low Corner / Razor Location

Offense Dodging: Re-Dodging

Offense Dodging: Roll-Dodge

Offense, Dodging: Split Dodges

Offense, Dodging: Sweeps

Offense, Dodging: Swim Moves

Offense, Dodging: Split to Roll Moves

Offense Dodging: Underneath Moves

Offense Dodging: Wing Dodges